Keto Deviled Eggs With Bacon (Low Carb, Keto, Whole30)

  • Author: Heather Burnett
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 15
  • Total Time: 20
  • Yield: 24 1x


This Southern-style Keto Deviled Eggs recipe will be your go-to party appetizer! These Deviled Eggs are easy to put together with simple ingredients: eggs, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, smoked paprika, a dash of hot sauce, and bacon! Low carb, gluten-free, paleo and Whole30 approved! 




  • Boil the eggs – Start with cold water – add a teaspoon of salt to help prevent cracks 
  • Once you’ve gotten to a rapid boil – where large bubbles are surfacing every few seconds – put a lid on the pan, remove it from the heat and set the timer for 15 minutes 
  • While the eggs are boiling prepare an ice bath in a separate large bowl – water + ice
  • And go ahead and fry 4-6 slices of bacon. Resist the urge to eat the bacon while you wait on the eggs. If you’re honest with yourself, go ahead and fry a few more pieces just to snack on. You deserve something extra for doing all of this cooking:)
  • Now that we’ve boiled the eggs for 15 minutes, we are going to move them to an ice bath for 45 minutes carefully. If you can’t wait that long at least put them in there until they are cool enough to handle – an ice bath makes it easier to peel eggs, and when it comes to deviled eggs, it’s all about presentation. We don’t want to serve folks jacked up eggs, right? 
  • Once you’ve peeled all the eggs slice each one lengthwise and carefully remove the yolks with a spoon or your fingers. Place the egg whites on a paper towel covered plate 
  • Smash the yolks with a fork before you add in other ingredients. Once the yolks are smooth, you can start adding mayo and other ingredients – you can use a spoon, hand mixer, or immersion blender to combine. 
  • When you’re ready to assemble, arrange the egg whites on a deviled egg platter or tray and spoon in the yolk mixture. If you prefer a less hands-on technique, you can place the yolk mixture into a piping bag or make a piping bag by putting the yolk mixture into a freezer bag and cut a small hole in the corner – either way works
  • Garnish with Paprika and crumbled bacon and prepare to swoon. 


Creative Options To Garnish 

  • Sliced Avocado + Bacon 
  • Smoked Paprika 
  • Sprinkle with Cayenne Pepper 
  • Add 2 Capers to each egg + fresh dill
  • Add Two Tablespoons Cheddar To Make Loaded Deviled Eggs 
  • Add a few Pimentos (Perfect for the holidays) 
  • Sliced Jalapeno + Sprinkled Cayenne Pepper 
  • Category: Appetizers

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