Rebel Keto: The Girl’s Guide To Losing The Weight, Breaking The Rules & Having A Life Outside The Kitchen

Are you looking to start a low-carb keto diet but unsure where or how to start? If you are a woman who wants to lose weight, you are in the right place. Rebel Keto is the all-new must-read weight loss guide for women who want to lose weight on a low-carb diet without counting macros. And it doubles as a keto cookbook with over 110 family-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

I don’t know if I’ll go straight to hell for admitting this, but when my grandmother didn’t recognize me, I prayed she had dementia. 

I was living in a hellish denial about my weight for months. 

I blamed the camera angles for making me look fat. I blamed gravity or the unsteady ground when I attempted to walk in anything other than crocs.

I blamed the fashion industry for effed-up sizes because the only pants I could squeeze into were stretchy available on TV and CVS near you – pajama jeans. 

I pointed my unpolished finger at everyone but myself. 

In other words, I failed to take accountability. I blamed my excessive sweating on some oddball gland problem I read about online.

And my back and knee pain? Well, I chalked that up to massive boobs and genetic predisposition.

But it was my fault. I had put on so much weight that I was unrecognizable, and my grandmother – the woman who helped raise me – was about to call the police because a random woman was in her home. 

Now, how in the hell was I going to get out of that?

 “Um, no officer, the thing is, I’m not a criminal; I’m just unrecognizable at this size. Please carry on with your day, and thank you for your service?” 

Um, no. 

What’s worse than my grandmother not recognizing me? How about introducing yourself to a group of people you have known for 20 years who have no idea who you are?

Now, I’ve thought of getting a t-shirt that says, “Hey, it’s Heather. Just one hundred forty pounds lighter.”

The question that always comes after the reintroduction of one’s self is, “Oh my god, there’s no freaking way,” or, “Holy shit, girl, I didn’t recognize you,” or, “You’re freaking kidding me. No, really?” 

You know what always comes next, right? 

“How did you do it? How?”

That’s one of those two-minute elevator pitches I have yet to master because the truth is, there are a couple of things I did to lose weight I can’t sum up in two minutes. 

I can tell you what I don’t say.

I never tell folks, “Oh, you know, I just went on a diet, like no big deal,” or, “Oh, it was super easy. I just had a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner.” 

Um. No. 

I cannot or will not tell people, “Hey, I did this, and it was easy,” because anybody who’s ever tried to lose weight knows it’s not easy. Anytime someone tells you that losing weight is simple or no big deal, they’re lying to your face. 

Another thing I cannot say with 100% certainty is, “I just did keto, like no big deal,” because the truth is, it took a lot more than just one diet to do what I did, and it wasn’t one thing. It was a combination of choices I intentionally made each day. 

So, I wrote Rebel Keto, a book that details every step I took to lose weight and how you can too.

Today, I want to share a glimpse of my version of the keto diet that is user-friendly, mom-friendly, budget-friendly, and sustainable long term.


Chapter Line Up:

Chapter 1 – WTH is Rebel Keto 

Chapter 2 – How You Got There – The ’80s Made You Do It 

Chapter 3 – Fat Is Not Public Enemy #1

Chapter 4 – This Is Your Body On Sugar 

Chapter 5 – Turns Out, The GD Germans Have Everything To Do With It 

Chapter 6 – The Calories In Calories Out Lie 

Chapter 7 – Why Rebel Keto & How Keto Works 

Chapter 8 – Carbs & Sugar I Hate Myself for Loving You 

Chapter 9 – How Steven Tyler Will Inspire You To Take A Second Look At Sugar Labels 

Chapter 10 – The 411 On Fat Or The Good The Bad & The Ugly Truth 

Chapter 11 – Overcome Self Sabotage 

Chapter 12 – Meal Prep & Planning On A Budget 

Chapter 13 – Drinking on A Low Carb Diet 

Chapter 14 – Dining Out 

Chapter 15 – 110+ Recipes 


Here’s the truth. If you’re a long-time WTYM reader, then you know I lost 90 pounds following the traditional low-carb keto diet, but the last forty pounds and the game-changing health benefits kicked in when I ditched the trendy diet and got real with myself.

I couldn’t stomach following a rigid, macro counting, keto police-fearing regime myself, and it made me ill to think of endorsing that way of life to my fellow man – and wo-man.  

I can’t, and I won’t lie and tell you I followed a strict macronutrient guideline or that I stopped putting sugar in my coffee every morning – because I didn’t.

I did follow the science I learned as I became a Certified Health Coach and created my version of keto, a more sustainable version that has kept the weight off and my energy UP for over six years. 

Like an old-school DJ, I spliced the parts of keto that work, and I took out the parts that suck. And I added a few things about mindset because if your head isn’t in the game, you will lose. 

I wrote Rebel Keto so you’d have a real-life roadmap to get weight loss results that last. And I kept it fun by adding in the eighties and a playlist and tons of extras because the world does not need another soul-sucking, boring diet book. 

I love the ’80s. You love the ’80s. We all love the eighties.

There are so many amazingly epic, fabulous things that happened in the Greed is Good decade. 

Punk rock. Hip hop. Slap bracelets. 

The eighties brought us Stridex, Sun-In, Jenny’s phone number, the Superbowl Shuffle, the running man, the Moonwalk, the Moonman, the safety dance, MTV, CNN, EPCOT, The A-Team, the walkman, mixtapes, and Wayne’s World.

The eighties influenced what we wore – scrunchies, Swatch Watches, jelly shoes, leotards, leg warmers, Members Only jackets, shoulder pads, and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. 

The eighties brought epic music too. 

But… along with all of those lovely ’80s influences came a bunch of BS about food, health, and the way we think weight loss that screwed us all over.

Rebel Keto brings the fun parts of the ’80s alongside the BS lies because that’s what’s keeping you from losing weight.

It also makes the weight loss game as simple as possible and as liberating as possible. I didn’t lose 148 pounds by playing by the rules. 

Rebel Keto is my gift to you. Think of it as cracking open a time capsule – going back to the ’80s to uncover the truth about the lies you were told about weight with splashes of 80’s style, wisdom and fun along the way.

Rebel Keto tells my story of how I lost the weight and kept it off, and you can do it too. 

If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun. – Katherine Hepburn 


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