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Have you ever experienced a mom fail? You know, failed at such an extreme level ...

You know what? Anyone who says they quit sugar in five easy steps is either ...

The Fitness Marshall workouts on Youtube are the highlight of my day and have been ...

Overcome self-sabotage and kick the negative self-talk to the curb with the power of positive ...

Heather Strickland

More Than a Mom Blog

Hi, I’m Heather. I lost 148 pounds by following Keto principles and making up my own rules along the way. Through my blog, Word to Your Mother, 11 million readers have found recipes and tips that help them shed the weight and become the bad-ass beauty they already are. When I’m not talking about food, I’m sharing my experience as a mom to a child with autism and tips for living a more inspired life.


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Keto & Low Carb

Keto is neato (yes, I went there!) —as long as you have lots of clever meal prep and tempting low-carb recipes. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of both, right here!

Clean eating

I’m not processed or packaged, and I don’t want my food to be either! Click here to enter a magical land where what you should be eating and what you want to eat are the same thing.


As a mom of three, I work out when and how I can—because I am not putting back on the 148 lbs I lost! And because it makes me look and feel my best. If I can do it, you can too. Here’s how.


Step away from that laundry! I’ve got crafts that need crafting, gift guides for buying, halls that want decking, and events that need celebrating. From holiday celebrations to parenting strategies, click here for all the hacks.

Rebel Keto

Rebel Keto: The Girl’s Guide To Losing The Weight, Breaking The Rules & Having A Life Outside The Kitchen

Are you looking to try a low-carb keto diet but unsure where or how to start? Rebel Keto is the all-new must-read weight loss guide for women.

Rebel Keto

Rebellious Keto Coaching

Don’t want to do it on your own? Get the inspiration and accountability you need in my one-on-one, 90-day coaching program.