7 Fabulously Free Fitness Marshall Home Workouts That Will Be The Highlight Of Your Day

The Fitness Marshall workouts on Youtube are the highlight of my day and have been my obsession for months. His YouTube Channel is blowing up with super fabulous – free videos that will whip you into shape, make you feel sexy and confident, and maybe even laugh a little in the process. Ask my friends: I cannot stop talking about him. And Little Sally Walker.

This post was originally published in October of 2019 and was updated in March of 2020.

The BEST Fitness Marshall dance workouts - ever. Get addicted to exercise with these home workouts! Do them anytime - no special equipment necessary! This is all the workout motivation you need to stay in shape! Lose weight, get fit - workout at home. Yes, please! My teenager loves the Fitness Marshall! If you haven’t heard of The Booty Army or Caleb Marshall you are missing out! #fitnessmarshall #workoutathome #fastworkouts #cardio #quickworkouts

Here’s the deal: if you’ve been looking for a fun home workout that keeps you motivated or you need switch things up because you’re over the same old same – The Fitness Marshall is your man.

His “real” name is Caleb Marshall, and he’s the Prozac the fitness industry didn’t know it needed. Caleb has a gift for motivating you to move – and his videos are free – you can do them anytime – no special equipment required.

And you know what? When I find an exercise that can bring you joy – fitness, and flat abs – I’m going to show and tell you about it until you try it.

Here’s the “show” part: My daughter and I put this video of ourselves together for Caleb’s Instagram. And yeah, I did promise Savannah I wouldn’t post this anywhere else – but I lied. Little Sally Walker was the first Fitness Marshall routine I tried – and LOVED.

We make look crazy, but my arms have never been more toned, my abs are getting ripped, and my confidence level is at an all-time high.

And I swear I owe it all to doing these dances every day. They make feel happy while I’m working out.

Oh, and did I mention this is an activity I can do with my teenage daughter?
You cannot beat that.

Caleb is motivating, funny, and he will tone your body from top to bottom.

Warning: He may also make you laugh your a@@ off! Here are my top picks for beginners along with my favorite Fitness Marshall “quotes” from the routines.

Throw A Fit

Jenny’s husband got her a new car & you got nothing…Throw A Fit!” 

I Like It

Only organic chickens can be sexy:)

Little Sally Walker

Go on, girl, do yo thang”

Circus – Britney Spears

Don’t stand there watching me – follow me – show me what you can do

Meghan Trainor – Me Too

Let the spirit take over your body


When you’ve got one of your haters trying to find you in the club

Feel It Still

Let me kick it like it’s 1986, now

He’s the best, right?

Full disclosure: It took me a few weeks of practice to get all the moves down, but I stuck with it – and I finally joined The Booty Army:)

Bottom line: The Fitness Marshall is like going to the club – without having to get all dressed up. 

If getting fit in your jammies without the stress of going to a gym or leaving the house sounds good to you – then check out his YouTube channel – The Fitness Marshall. 

You’re welcome. 

Which Fitness Marshall workout will you try first?

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