7 Empowering Fitness Marshall Workouts For Women (That Work Your Body For Free At Home)  

Ladies, if you love to dance and work out in the privacy of your home, you will love these Fitness Marshall workouts that are so freaking fun you will become addicted to exercise. 

The first time I discovered these Fitness Marshall workouts, I was captivated by the unique blend of choreography and energy brought to life by the one and only Caleb Marshall. 

His inspiring attitude and one-liners will keep you motivated throughout every workout. 

With the Fitness Marshall, you can enjoy a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home. It’s like having a cardio session at the club, minus the hassle of going out. 

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A few years back, I shared my top 7 Fitness Marshall workouts, and today, I am sharing 7 more epically entertaining and empowering workouts that will make you excited to exercise. 

For real:) 

Lose Control

“Go to Church and clap it up. It’s praise and worship, y’all.”

Work From Home

A total body workout/sweat session in under 4 minutes.


Serving tea, and a hilarious micro- workout.

Bartier Cardi

Cutting the grass will never be the same!

Worth It

You will seriously get addicted to this one.

Boss B*tch

Pose – like a boss

B*tch I’m Madonna

Who do you think you are?

See, I told you these Fitness Marshall workouts were fabulous! Are you as obsessed as I am? Let me know in the comments! 

While you’re here, please take your time and look around! Thanks for reading! 

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Fitness Marshall Workouts

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