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  1. Really great idea…. not just for gift buying, but also to see where your childrens interest lie. Colors, activities, thoughts!! Love it!

    • They selected 90% of the stuff on the list & the other 10% they approved! Now I know…And I better buy it before it sells out because I have no excuses!

  2. I love a bit of kitsch. When my daughter turns into a Tween, we will either Steal each other’s stuff, dress matching, or she will hate me for being so embarrassing. Especially love the Flamingo light. #GlobalBlogging

    • My 16 year old picked out that lamp!!! I love it too! We do share a lot-which comes in handy budget wise, but not so much when I’m looking for my new jeans and she’s wearing them!!!

  3. Heather this is a very dangerous post. I have to hide it from my 2 teen girls. And I had no idea that they made wearable nail polish holder! What will they think of next.

    • Hey…I didn’t either until I started looking around for “cool” stuff!!! The good new is that it’s not expensive!!!

  4. Wow! Girls like a lot don’t they? I forgot we do lol. All my boys want are video games, gift cards, and my youngest wants action figures and plush toys of said video games:)

  5. Ohhh too much stuff to choose from! I darent show it to my daughter. I went straight to amazon (uk version and bought them tshirts, may be tempted to go for the rose gold headphones and the flamingo light! 😂 thanks for that. X

  6. I love my pop socket!!! It is the best! I have the big iPhone and it really makes my hand less cramped – not to mention saves it from a fell extra falls.
    Thanks for joining us, I love this guest host gig! #GlobalBlogging


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