The Busy Mom’s Guide to Saving Money with Ebates: Ebates Shopping 101

Do you shop online? If you’re reading this then most likely you do buy a little or a lot online and let me tell you, you are throwing money away if you’re not using Ebates. Seriously. People are earning money by shopping with Ebates so today I’m going to walk you through the busy mom’s guide to saving money with Ebates.

Start saving money with Ebates today! You can save a lot of money shopping for everyday items with Ebates! You can also make money shopping with Ebates, by earning $25 when you refer a friend! This collection of 6 Ebates hacks covers all the money saving tips you need to know as well as if Ebates is a scam (it’s not)! There are many cashback websites out there, but Ebates is the best cashback web

What Is Ebates?

While there are a ton of money saving apps, like Ibotta and Swagbucks which are fab in their own way I’ve found that Ebates is the best by far.

Ebates is a simple way to get cash rebates on all of your online shopping purchases. It’s 100% free to use, and it makes saving money super easy! All you do is shop the store of your choice from the Ebates website, and a percentage of your purchase is returned to you by Ebates.

You can save anywhere from 2% -30%

No, really

Sign up for Ebates here.

How Ebates Works

You may be wondering how Ebates works. When I first heard of Ebates, I had a lot of questions too! I wanted to know how they were able to give such incredible rebates! It sounded too good to be true! I found that Ebates is 100% legit. Here’s how Ebates works.

Over 2,000 retailers like Amazon, Petco, Macy’s and Target pay Ebates for referring customers to shop with them. Then, Ebates gives shoppers a percentage of those earnings.

For example, let’s say Ebates was offering 10% cash back for shopping at Amazon and you buy something for $500.

You’d get $50 cash back.

It’s just that simple.

Ebates makes their money by being an affiliate. That is how they can pay people like you and me. See, Ebates makes money when we shop through their link, just like I make a little bit of money when you buy through one of my links!

Let me break it down.

Take Macy’s, for example. Macy’s is a favorite retailer on Macy’s pays a percentage to Ebates for being an affiliate and referring customers to them. Ebates turns around and gives you a little bit of that percentage for using their website. Everyone is a winner here.

4 Ways To Use Ebates

Saving money with Ebates is easy! Here’s a few ways to do it!

Download the App

If you shop on your phone, then this one’s for you. Ebates will notify you when there is a sale so you won’t miss it.

Install the Ebates Cashback Button on Browser

This is where the magic happens! When you have the Ebates browser installed, Ebates automatically finds the best promo and adds them to your shopping cart! No more searching for codes! It’s fabulous!

This is where the magic happens! When you have the Ebates browser installed, Ebates automatically finds the best promo and adds them to your shopping cart! No more searching for codes! It’s fabulous!

Sign In & Shop

If you don’t want to download the app or cash back button, you can go old school and sign in and shop. Ebates works with over 2,000 retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, & Target-you just log in and find out what’s on sale.

Refer Your Friends

Alright now, I know some of y’all don’t want to be salesy, except for me,(I’m using my affiliate link in this post)but why wouldn’t you tell your friends and family about Ebates? They get to save money, and you earn a little cash every time someone signs up.

It’s genius.

All you have to do is click and share your referral link, and you get $25 every time someone signs up! 

How I Use Ebates

I’m slightly obsessed with discount codes, y’all. It all started after I saw a segment on the Today Show featuring their financial editor Jean Chatzky. I don’t recall all the details, but one thing stuck:

Never Place An Online Order Without A Promo Code.

I took it as a personal challenge and researched code after code every time I shopped online. Sometimes I’d find a coupon in 10 seconds; sometimes it took longer. A lot longer. When I found out Ebates did all this work for me, I was hooked!

Now I’m saving money with Ebates on everything. From every Amazon purchase to everyday Walmart items and even dancewear for my girls. Ebates saves me time, money, and sometimes sanity. The Ebates browser is the game-changer.

Online shopping is such a luxury for busy moms like me who like to get things done while they’re thinking about it. Mom brain is so real! Ebates adds to the experience. You can call it the lazy way to save or the easy way to save-whatever you choose-but the bottom line is Ebates is an effortless and convenient tool every busy mom should use!

Sign up here and start saving money with Ebates on everyday purchases!

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