30 Keto Candy Recipes That’ll Make You Forget You’re On A Low Carb Diet

Want in on the best keto candy recipes you can enjoy guilt-free on a low carb, keto diet? These homemade, sugar-free candy bars and sweet treats will not disappoint. From the best copycat candy bars to fabulous fudge and fat bombs, consider your cravings covered with this collection of sugar-free keto-approved candy.

Looking for easy keto dessert recipes? If you’re on the ketogenic diet you’ll love these candy recipes! The best fat bombs, keto bars & candy combining cream cheese, chocolate & peanut butter! Whether you need a sugar free no bake low carb treat or an easy keto dessert or snack to help you lose weight you’ll love these easy ketogenic dessert recipes! Save for the holidays! #keto #ketorecipes #lowcarb #ketodessert #lowcarbdessert #dessert #sugarfree

Here’s the deal, I’m a recovering choc-o-holic – I love dessert. I live for a chocolate peanut butter combo. I’d fight my husband for the last bite of chocolate chip cookie dough. And quite frankly, I do not like the person I become when it’s midnight, and I don’t have something sweet to eat while I binge watch Scandal again.

But, I’m equally passionate about not gaining back all the weight I lost, and I high key care about my health and yours. So today we’re diving deep into your candy options on the keto diet.

Let’s start with ingredients you need to look for on recipes and labels, so you don’t fall for sneaky sugar tricks and get confused, which is easy to do – considering how sneaky food labels can be.

True or False: It is 100% legal to print Sugar-Free on a package of cookies that contains honey, molasses, or other sugar-filled substances.

Answer: True. Sugar-Free means less than .5 grams of sugar per serving – not zero. The FDA requires manufacturers to list ingredients, but there are over 61 ways to list sugar. You may think the “No Sugar Added” label would clear this up, but nope. “No Sugar Added” means no sugar was added during processing. 

So yeah, you’re now a Junior Food Detective. Look for the badge in the mail. Just kidding, I don’t have the badge template yet – but I can share a list of common sneaky sugar aliases. 

What Sweeteners To Avoid On Keto

  • Sucrose – Dextrose – Glucose – Maltose – Fructose
  • Corn sweetener
  • High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  • Brown sugar
  • Raw Sugar
  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • Agave Nectar

Best Sweeteners For Keto Candy

  • Stevia: You’ll see this natural sweetener used in all types of keto recipes, from desserts to cocktails. Stevia contains little to no carbs and calories, and a little goes a long way. You can get Stevia in liquid or powder form.
  • Monk Fruit: Another natural sugar swap, Monk fruit falls into the zero calories, zero carb club – making it a popular safe choice for keto. Word of warning: some brands add sugar or molasses to Monk fruit, so check the label to make sure it is 100% sugar-free.
  • Erythritol: Another popular choice, Erythritol, falls into the sugar alcohol category of keto-friendly sweeteners, but unlike most sugar alcohols, it doesn’t cause digestive issues.
  • Xylitol: Xylitol is a sugar swap in the sugar alcohol category that won’t impact your blood sugar or insulin. However, it may cause digestive issues in large doses and is lethal to dogs, even in small doses.

That concludes today’s lesson:)

Now that you’re in the know and ready to make a few treats at home, here are my favorite go-to 30 keto candy recipes starting with copycat candy bars, then fudge, fat bombs, toffee, and gummies.

30 Keto Candy Recipes & Sweet Treats

Peanut Butter Cups

Easy, 5-ingredient Reese’s copycat recipe with 3 net carbs – using sugar-free dark chocolate, coconut oil, peanut butter, and erythritol. Get the recipe on Wholesome Yum


Image: Low Carb Yum

Guilt & sugar free Snickers bar recipe with only 1.4 net carbs per square! Get the recipe on Low Carb Yum

Almond Joy

Image: Joy Filled Eats

Get your Almond Joy fix in! Only 2 net carbs! Get the recipe on Joy Filled Eats


All Day I Dream About Food

An almond flour shortbread cookie with caramel & milk chocolate…with 2.9 net carbs! Get the recipe on All Day I Dream About Food

Peppermint Patties

That’s Low Carb?!

Only 4 ingredients & 3 net carbs in this keto sweet treat! Get the recipe on That’s Low Carb

Mr. Goodbar

My Montana Kitchen

Fabulous 4 ingredient Mr. Goodbar style treat with 4 carbs from My Montana Kitchen


Maria Mind Body Health

An easy recipe that’s ready to eat in under 30 minutes with 3.2 net carbs from Maria Mind Body Health


Hungry for Inspiration

A No-Bake keto treat with 3 Net Carbs! Get the details on Hungry for Inspiration

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Mince Republic

Ok, so this one takes a little more effort – but it is worth it! Get the details on Mince Republic

Lemon Bars

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Food Faith Fitness

Not feeling chocolate? Check out these sugar-free lemon bars with 2.4 Net Carbs on Food Faith Fitness

No Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Primavera Kitchen

No bake treat with 7 Net Carbs via Primavera Kitchen

No-Bake Almond Butter Bars

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Holistically Engineered

Keto treats with almond butter – no baking required – with 5.5 Net Carbs via Holistically Engineered

No-Bake Fudge

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Savory Tooth

Easy – Sugar-Free fudge that you can make in the microwave via Savory Tooth

Pecan Pie Fudge

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
These Wild Acres

Cream cheese + butter + pecans = delicious sugar-free treat from These Wild Acres

Butterscotch Candy

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Better Than Bread Keto

4 ingredients – zero carbs! Get the details on Better Than Bread Keto

Cracker Toffee

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
All Day I Dream About Food

A holiday – or any day – treat with 3.43 Net Carbs! Get the recipe on All Day I Dream About Food

Salted Tahini Dough Fudge

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Ambitious Kitchen

Fabulous 3-ingredient no-bake treat via Ambitious Kitchen

White Chocolate Fudge

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Sugar-Free Mom

Sugar-Free & Dairy-Free fudge with 1 Net Carb via Sugar-Free Mom

Maple & Pecan Fudge Fat Bombs

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Keto Diet Blog

Yummy low carb treats with 1.4 Net Carbs via Keto Diet Blog

30 Keto Candy Recipes. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Cream cheese, peanut butter, butter, and sugar-free chocolate chips create the ultimate keto sweet treat! This easy recipe for edible, homemade cookie dough is super low carb, sugar-free, and simple! 3 Net Carbs! Get the recipe here 

Poodle Doodles – Peanut Butter Candy

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
My Montana Kitchen

Delicious – sugar-free & low carb combination of peanut butter, coconut & nuts with 3 Net Carbs from My Montana Kitchen

Cheesecake Fat Bombs

keto candy recipes
Savory Tooth

One of my favorite fat bombs! These frozen, no-bake treats are easy to make & have 0.5 Net Carbs! Get the details on Savory Tooth

Chocolate Butter Cream

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Low Carb Yum

Perp – Chill – & enjoy this sugar-free – low carb buttercream candy recipe from Low Carb Yum

Lemon Coconut Balls

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Mouthwatering Motivation

No-bake treats with 1.4 Net Carbs via Mouthwatering Motivation

Peanut Butter Truffles

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
I Breathe I’m Hungry

No cooking or chilling required with 2.25 Net Carbs via I Breathe I’m Hungry

Strawberry Chocolate Bark

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Keto Diet Blog

Super easy – 3 ingredients chocolate bark with 2.6 Net Carbs! Get the details on Keto Diet Blog

Pecan Pralines

30 Keto Candy Recipes.
Butter Together Kitchen

Sweet & Crunchy with 0.84 Net Carbs! Get the easy recipe on Butter Together Kitchen

Buttery Walnut Toffee

keto candy recipes
Joy Filled Eats

Sugar-free & low carb – ready in 30 minutes with 2 Net Carbs from Joy Filled Eats

Chocolate Nut Clusters

Peace Love And Low Carb

No-bake, 3 ingredient treat with 2.5 Net Carbs via Peace, Love and Low Carb

Gummy Candy

keto candy recipes
Step Away From The Carbs

Sugar-Free – Zero Carb dummies via Step Away From The Carbs

I’m going to wrap this up with a big bummer moment of truth – eating candy on the daily – even if it’s sugar-free – isn’t a good move. Remember to focus on eating healthy fats and lean proteins. 

Keep these sugar-free candy recipes on hand for when your sweet tooth makes an appearance, especially during the holidays – and keep up the hard work.

Don’t forget to check-in in the comments and let me know how you’re doing – I live for a progress report:)

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Don’t Forget To Save These Keto Candy Recipes!

Want in on the best keto candy recipes you can enjoy guilt-free on a low carb, ketogenic diet? These homemade, sugar-free candy bars and sweet treats will not disappoint. From the best copycat candy bars to fudge and fat bombs consider your cravings covered with this collection of sugar free keto-approved candy. Perfect for the holidays! #keto #ketorecipes #ketodessert #lowcarb #lowcarbdessert #dessert #ketocandy #LCHF #sugarfee #ketofudge #Christmascandy #Christmasrecipes #Christmascandy


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