Does Rodan + Fields Work Better Than Botox? Reverse Regimen Before & After Pictures

This post may contain affiliate links. Please click here to read my full disclosure policy. This post may contain affiliate links. Please click here to read my full disclosure policy. This post may contain affiliate links. Please click here to read my full disclosure policy. Does Rodan + Fields Work Better Than Botox?

This post may contain affiliate links. Please click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Does Rodan + Fields work better than botox?

Does Rodan + Fields Work Better Than Botox?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it.


In my opinion, it sure does.

I once thought skincare routines weren’t necessary.

Well, maybe they were for some people, but not me.

See, I still thought I was invincible in my thirties, and since I was getting Botox injections, I was covered.

Then I went to see a local dermatologist for what I thought was an odd looking spider bite on my face. As soon as he saw it, he knew it was skin cancer.

He offered to remove it with a blow torch right there in his office, but I very politely declined his offer, grabbed my purse and got the heck out of dodge. I dialed the plastic surgeon’s office on my way to the car and made an appointment.

He recommended Mohs surgery, not medieval weaponry.

Still, I was left with a scar the size of a quarter under my left eye and the task of finding the right skin care to help me protect myself from future damage.

All of the lines sold in the physicians’s offices and online didn’t work for me.

I tried SkinMedicaTherederm,& LaMer -to name a few.

They were expensive and I didn’t see results.

Enter Rodan + Fields.

You have probably heard of them. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the dermatologists behind the brand.

They also happen to be the founders of Proactiv. (If you’ve ever stayed up watching TV after 9 you’re familiar.)

One of my Rodan + Fields friends walked me through the Solutions Tool to determine which product line best suited me (Reverse) and I signed on to be a Preferred Customer, and later, a consultant. By the way, the Solutions Tool is a free & fast way to determine which Rodan & Fields product line best suites your skincare needs.

Here comes the cliche you’ve heard a million times.

Since I started using Rodan + Fields, I have gotten so many  a crap ton of compliments on my skin.

And I’ll tell you why; these products work!

Does Rodan + Fields Work Better Than Botox?This before picture was taken in February of 2017. It’s a horrid picture, but I suppose most “before” pictures aren’t exactly glamorous. It looks like a mugshot. Don’t you dare pin this. I have a much more attractive after photo that will look so much better on your Pinterest board.

See? Here’s my “after” picture. Taken in July of 2017.

Does Rodan + Fields Work Better Than Botox?

Please note that I am wearing no makeup or mascara or brow liner in this pic.

Look at my eyelashes!!! 

Look at my brows!!!

Now, here’s a breakdown of what I use.

Along with the Reverse Regimen, I use the AMP Roller.

The hype is real.

It is a fantastic tool.

Night Routine

Step #1 Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash  With Alpha hydroxy acids, this cleanser exfoliates and refines sun damaged skin to make a clean slate. This is one of my favorite products! My oily skin feels super clean after I use it-and it’s not abrasive at all.

Step #2 Reverse Intensive Brightening Toner  This is a blend of Kojic Acid, vitamins, Salicylic Acid and Licorice that visibly brightens your skin and evens out the appearance of discolorations. A little bit of this goes a long way.

Step #3 AMP MD System Another favorite, this uses micro exfoliating roller technology for advanced skin firming benefits. The AMP comes with Step #4, the Night Serum-the neat little blue capsules!

Step #4 Night Renewing Serum These little capsules are full of peptides and Retinal that visibly improve skin texture and brighten your skin. They do not feel greasy or oily at all. They leave your skin feeling almost silk-like. You will be able to tell a difference the first time you use them. Seriously.

Step #5 Multi Function Eye Cream  I use a tiny bit of this miracle eye cream to reduce the tiny crow’s feet & dark circles under my eyes

Step #6 Lash Boost

Lash Boost is LEGIT.

Lash Boost is a lash conditioning serum that improves the appearance of lash volume within four weeks. I am telling you this is a game changer. You can read more about Lash Boost here.

My morning routine is simple!

I use the Reverse Deep Exfoliating wash, Toner, dual active brightening complex and I’m done in less than 5 minutes!

In case you need more proof, here’s a photo of me before I started using the Rodan + Fields Regimen.

Here’s an after photo.

I realize all of the steps may seem like a lot at first. It was for me-since I was used to doing nothing at all. But once you start to see the results you will thank yourself.  Also, it doesn’t take that long to do it! I have three kids, one with special needs. If I can find the time, you can too!

I used to get Botox injections.

I thought that was all I needed.

Sure, my forehead had no wrinkles, but I looked like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  This wasn’t a great look for me. (See before picture above.)

In fact, I don’t know anybody who can pull off the Botox brow. Plus, those injections weren’t doing anything for my skin.

So if you ask me, Rodan + Fields works better than Botox.

Now, you may be a little overwhelmed.

That’s ok.

My advice is to visit the Solutions Tool and answer a few questions about your skin. That’s how you will find out which regimen will be the best fit for your needs.

The Reverse Regimen includes the four steps above and will last for two months. Signing up as a Preferred Customer gets you 10% off retail prices, free shipping and special purchase opportunities on newly released products.

You will not be required to make additional purchases, and you may change the products you order at any time.

Rodan + Fields offers a 60 Day Empty Bottle Guarantee on all of the products. This is something I like to call the best sample in the business.  If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back-even if you used everything!

If you are interested in learning more about our products or you would like to know more about the company, contact me.  I’m always happy to help!







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