The 7-Day Keto Meal Plan & Menu For Beginners: Easy Recipes For Week 1

Looking for a keto meal plan that covers week one for beginners? Check out this 7 day ketogenic meal plan with keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – with macros.

Deciding to start the keto diet is easy, but creating a keto meal plan and menu and sticking to it can be a challenge – especially if you’ve been eating a high carb diet for years.

The good news?

This 7-day keto meal plan will make transitioning to the ketogenic diet easier with simple low carb recipes (with macros), tips for beginners, and a printable low carb food list, so you’ll know what to stock up on for weight loss and what you may want to clear out of your kitchen cabinets ASAP.

7-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan & Menu For Beginners. Start losing weight on the keto diet with 30 easy keto recipes for week one with macros. This free keto meal plan includes low carb, keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert plus a printable shopping list, tips for doing keto on a budget, rules, & how to start. I’ve lost 100 pounds on the keto diet with this meal plan! #keto #ketorecipes #ketodiet #lowcarb #mealplan

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How Keto Works: The Condensed Version

The ketogenic diet is a low carb diet that restricts the number of carbs you take in to 20 grams of net carbs per day or less. All food consists of three primary nutrients: carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Your body naturally breaks down carbs first, then fat, then protein for fuel/energy. When you reduce the number of carbs you eat you give your body no choice but to break down fat for fuel.

This fat burning state is known as ketosis.

What Is Ketosis?

The name “keto” comes from the word ketones-which are molecules produced when your body burns fat instead of carbs. These ketones will be your body’s new (& improved) source of energy now that carbs aren’t available.

Once you’ve achieved ketosis the benefits are immediate and plentiful. Ketosis brings more energy, better focus, less migraines (True for Me) AND helps you burn more fat, boosts metabolism, decreases appetite, and helps you lose weight faster.

I know from experience. I’ve lost 100 pounds on the keto diet.

Losing that weight changed my life-sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You can see my Before & After’s here and read more about me if you’d like. I need to get back to helping you-I have stay focused or I tend to ramble:)

Signs of Ketosis – How Do You Know?

One way of determining if you are in ketosis is to check your ketone level with a urine test like Ketostix.

These are easy to use, relatively cheap-and the best route if you’re a beginner. You can find these at your local drug store or buy them on Amazon.

The only issue I have with these is that you can’t depend on their accuracy-especially if you’ve maintained ketosis for an extended period.

Urine testing is also sensitive to how hydrated you are or aren’t-this study took a look at the best time to test for ketosis and found morning is the best time.

There are also physical symptoms of ketosis like loss of appetite, weight loss, halitosis (bad breath), increase in energy, and digestive issues ranging from diarrhea to constipation.

It usually takes 4-5 days to reach ketosis after cutting carbs to 20 net grams per day.

What Can You Eat On The Keto Diet?

This keto shopping list for beginners comes with a free keto grocery store printable guide to help you shop for the low carb, ketogenic foods you need for weight loss! Make life easy & grab this ultimate keto diet shopping list that includes keto meal plans, carb counts, simple recipes & easy keto snacks you can buy on Amazon now! Seriously, the best grocery list for beginners! #keto #ketorecipes #ketogenic #lowcarb

See all the details & download the list right here!

Best Keto Foods

Grass-Fed, Lean Steak & Chicken


Omega-3 Rich Fatty Fish: Salmon, Sardines, Anchovies 

Non-Starchy Vegetables: Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms 

Nuts: Unsalted Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Macadamia

Foods to Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet

Pasta, Rice, Bread




Soda & Juice

Breakfast Cereal

Low-Fat Foods 


Check out this collection of keto-friendly foods & (Free) printable grocery list for beginners.

How To Calculate Your Macros

Short for macronutrients, “macros” refers to the nutritional components that every diet requires: protein, carbohydrates, fat, and macro minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Finding the right balance of carbs, fats, and proteins for you is important, and it does involve a few equations.

This is where many tune-out or get confused & frustrated or just quit.

Let me try to make it easier for you.

Use this Free Keto Calculator to get your number. It’s as easy as typing in your gender, height, weight, activity level, body fat % (there’s an estimation option), your goals and boom. You’ve got your individualized macro numbers so you can plan your meals.

What Is The Difference Between Carbs & Net Carbs?

Easy math! Since fiber does not affect blood sugar levels or ketosis, we subtract it from the Total Carb amount (listed on nutrition labels or fitness trackers) to determine Net Carbs.

Total Carbs – Dietary Fiber = Net Carbs
Ex: Total Carbs 6g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Net Carbs = 4 g

6 Keto Tips for Beginners

Meal Prep

You HAVE to plan! I know it’s cliche, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! If you are intimidated by the idea of meal planning – check out these easy keto meal prep tips & recipes!

Don’t Try Complicated Recipes

It’s a rookie mistake I made more than once when I first started the keto diet, and I almost quit out of frustration! Don’t spend a lot of time or money trying elaborate 15 step recipes.

You’ll get there one day, but when you are just starting, it is best to keep it simple. These Keto in Five cookbooks will help you do just that.

All of the recipes call for 5 ingredients or less and contain 5 or less Net Carbs. The recipe creators, Vicky & Rami, make easy taste extraordinary. Plus, all of the recipes list nutritional content, so they make it simple to keep up with macros-from the beginning. Check it out here

Get A Meal Plan

Consider letting someone else do the work! With the Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan you’ll get 7 days of meal planning – done for you – with complete, organized shopping lists & tips to keep you on track.

Leanne has a gift for making keto less complicated & simplifying your life!:)

Keep Exercise Light

While your body is adjusting to keto stick to light exercise like Yoga & walking. It can take 3-5 days to get into ketosis, and it’s not unusual to feel a bit weak and sluggish. Don’t overdo it! And don’t worry. You’ll be back to those HIIT Workouts and Fitness Marshall dances within a few weeks.

Stay Hydrated

To combat side effects like constipation and the Keto Flu you need extra fluids. Up your H20 intake to at least 8-8 oz glasses of water or more (if you’re active) per day.

Avoid Keto Flu

While your body is adapting to your new low carb lifestyle, you may experience a few side effects-collectively known as the Keto Flu. You may feel one or two of these symptoms or none at all depending on your body, your activity level, and what your diet consisted of before you started keto!

Keto Flu Symptoms

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Irritability
  • Sleep Issues
  • Sugar Cravings

The #1 Tip to Avoid the Keto Flu – Stay Hydrated!

The keto diet can cause you to drop water weight especially in the first week which can lead to dehydration. Dehydration leads to all kinds of nasty symptoms like headaches, dizziness, weakness…Sounds like the keto flu, right?

Stay on top of your water game by drinking plenty of H20! Tea & coffee count too, but nothing is better than water. Drink even more if you are suffering from diarrhea – which can also cause dehydration. 

I found that adding a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to a glass of water eased my keto flu symptoms.

Bone Broth: Sip on delicious bone broth to stay hydrated & replenish electrolytes! Kettle & Fire makes a clean bone broth that’s as tasty as it is healthy. And you can buy it online in your PJ’s-which is a bonus!

Is Keto For Everyone?

No. Although the ketogenic diet is a safe way to lose weight for most people, no one diet is for everyone. You should always speak with a medical professional before you start any diet.

Who Should Avoid A Keto Diet?

If you are taking medications for diabetes (type 1 or 2) or blood pressure, then you need to speak to a doctor before starting a keto diet.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not follow a ketogenic diet.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you should start a keto diet, then it is best to consult with your physician first.

Ready to dive into week one? Here’s a sample Keto Meal Plan that’s under 20 net carbs per day to give you an idea of how eating low carb looks & tastes! You may need to adjust portions, add a snack, or skip/double up on dessert based on your individual macro needs!

Keto Meal Plan Day One

Breakfast: 3 Scrambled Eggs + 4 Slices Bacon (392 Cal, 30g Protein, 22g Fat, 1.5 Carbs) 
Snack: Celery + 2 TBSP Peanut Butter (198 Cal, 8g Protein, 16g Fat, 5 Net Carbs) 
Lunch: Keto Cobb Salad (600 Cal, 43g Protein, 48g Fat, 3g Net Carbs) 
Dinner: Keto Quarter Pounder (443 Cal, 25g Protein, 34g Fat, 4g Carbs) 

Dessert: Chocolate Keto Lava Cake (173 Cal, 8g Protein, 13g Fat, 4g Net Carbs) 

Keto Meal Plan Day Two

Breakfast: Easy Egg Keto Breakfast Muffins (108 Cal, 7g Protein, 7.8g Fat, 1.5 Carbs) 
Snack: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs (120 Cal, 10g Protein, 10g Fat, 0 Carbs) 
Lunch: Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese & Walnuts– (501 Cal, 33.2g Protein, 39.3g Fat, 2.1 Net Carbs) 
Dinner: Keto White Shredded Chicken Chili (266 Cal, 23.3g Protein, 16.4g Fat, 5.3 Net Carbs) 

Dessert: Keto Cookie Dough Fat Bombs (101 Cal, 1.6g Protein, 10.2g Fat, 3.2 Net Carbs) 

Keto Meal Plan Day Three

Breakfast: Egg, Avocado, Bacon & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich (421 Cal, 21.4g Protein, 34.8g Fat, 4 Net Carbs) 
Snack: Cream Cheese Fat Bombs (108 Cal, 1.2g Protein, 11g Fat, 1.4 Net Carbs)
Lunch: Low Carb Chipotle Steak Bowl (620 Cal, 33g Protein, 50g Fat, 5.5 Net Carbs)
Dinner: Crack Chicken (394 Cal, 28.4g Protein, 29.1g Fat, 3.5 Net Carbs) 

Dessert: Shortbread (Butter) Cookies (91 Cal, 1.5g Protein, 5.6g Fat, 2.3g Net Carbs) 

Keto Meal Plan Day Four

Breakfast: Avocado Egg Cups (251 Cal, 8g Protein, 21g Fat, 2g Net Carbs)
Snack: Keto Italian Sub Roll Up (234 Cal, 10g Protein, 20.6g Fat, 1 Net Carb) 
Lunch: Cauliflower Soup (446 Cal, 14.3g Protein, 40g Fat, 6.6g Net Carbs) 
Dinner: Crockpot Steak Fajitas (249 Cal, 33.9g Protein, 8.1g Fat, 6.7 Net Carbs) 

Dessert: 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies (90 Cal, 3.9g Protein, 7.2g Fat, 2.6g Net Carb) 

Keto Meal Plan Day Five

Breakfast: Low Carb Breakfast Casserole with Bacon – Make Ahead (475 Cal, 27g Protein, 37g Fat, 4g Carbs) 
Snack: 1/2 Avocado with a pinch of Salt & Pepper (114 Cal, 1g Protein, 1 Net Carb)
Lunch: Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes (366 Cal, 14g Protein, 30g Fat, 4 Net Carbs)
Dinner: Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry (255 Cal, 28.7g Protein, 11.8g Fat, 5.3 Net Carb) 

Dessert: Low Carb Lemon Bars (197 Cal, 9g Protein, 14g Fat, 4g Net Carbs) 

Keto Meal Plan Day Six

Breakfast: Low Carb Maple Almond Hot Cereal (525 Cal, 9g Protein, 51g Fat, 6 Net Carbs) 
Snack:People’s Choice Beef Jerky – Available on Amazon Here – (90 Cal, 16g Protein, 0 Carbs) 
Lunch: Keto Caesar Salad (727 Cal, 13g Protein, 38.75g Fat, 1.8 Net Carbs)
Dinner: Mississippi Keto Crockpot Pot Roast (316 Cal, 44g Protein, 13.7g Fat, 0.6 Carbs) 

Dessert: Sugar-Free Low Carb Strawberry Freezer Pops (8 Cal, .2g Protein, .1g Fat, 1.6 Net Carbs) 

Keto Meal Plan Day Seven

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins with Almond Flour (194 Cal, 4.5g Protein, 10.9 Fat, 4.1 Net Carbs) 
Snack: Berries & Cream Fat Bombs (65 Cal, .8g Protein, 1.1 Net Carbs)
Lunch: Keto Cabbage Roll Soup (265 Cal, 19g Protein, 15g Fat, 6.5 Net Carbs) 
Dinner: Tuscan Garlic Chicken (542 Cal, 45g Protein, 35g Fat, 8 Net Carbs) 

Dessert: Keto Mocha Ice Cream (175 Cal, 2.5g Protein, 14.98g Fat, 6.62 Net Carbs) 

Did I Miss Anything?

Well, what’s the verdict? Do you have enough information to decide if keto is right for you? Which recipe will you try first? Did I leave out your favorite?

If so, let me know in the comments!

Looking For Ways To Make Sticking To Keto Easier?

I get it! I’ve lost 148 pounds on the keto diet and maintained that weight loss for eight years. Here are my top two sanity-saving recommendations.

Option 1 -> 

Tasteaholics Custom Keto Weekly Meal Plans and Keto In Five cookbooks. They kept me on track for the first two years of my weight loss journey. 

Here’s the low-down on the weekly meal plans – Tastaholics will send you pre-calculated, low-carb meal plans and recipes right into your inbox – no more hunting down recipes on the internet and trying to fit them together perfectly every day. 

Option 2 -> Buy My Book! 

Rebel Keto is the all-new sustainable approach to the keto diet. 

With over 110 easy-to-follow recipes, Rebel Keto serves up the tea on how to level up your weight loss and health for life. Rebel Keto takes the guesswork, boredom, and the math out of going low carb – for real.Think of Rebel Keto as cracking open an 80’s time capsule to uncover the truth about the lies that led us to an obesity epidemic as you take a walk down memory lane. Cue up the old-school style mixtape of low-carb recipes, and prepare to serve (or get served) deliciously wicked recipes:

  • The Drop Biscuits Sir Mix A Lot Would Approve Of
  • Bill & Ted’s Egg Salad Adventure
  • The Great Muppet Caper Butter with Dill
  • Karma Chameleon Cauliflower
  • Working 9 To 5 Cheeseburger Casserole
  • Vanilla Ice Ice 5-Minute Mug Cake

Rebel Keto is The Totally Awesome Girls’ Guide to Losing Weight, Breaking the Rules, and Having a Life Outside the Kitchen. Get your hardback copy or ebook here. 

Ok – sales pitch over. I hope you enjoyed the 411 and the recipes! I’ve gotta go before my kids tell the neighbors I’m “slacking” on the Mom Job!:))} Have a great day, and thank you for reading.

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